Wordle Today Answer and Hints – #471, Monday 3 October 2022

Wordle Today‘s question almost ended our team’s longstanding winning streak. It’s a clever word we had to guess until the end, even though the New York Times’ WordleBot tool says most players will get it in 3.9 seconds.

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Alan Martin was responsible for Monday’s Wordle. It was almost the winning blow. You may find the following hints helpful. Wordle failure is always six guesses away.

We’ve lost only once in every Wordle game, so we have lots to share about Wordle. We have also analyzed every Wordle question to identify patterns. Also, if this is your first time playing Wordle, we recommend you look at our How is Wordle? Guide.

This article will be updated daily with tips to help you find today’s Wordle answer. Even if these hints are not enough, we’ll give you the solution in case you get stuck or haven’t had the time to solve the Wordle puzzle. For those who read this in a different timezone, we have included analysis #470 of yesterday’s puzzle.

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Be warned; spoilers. Wait for game #471. Keep reading if you’re interested in the Wordle answer for today.


Our first tip is to use one best Wordle word per game. For more information on today’s Wordle solution, click here.

It only has one of five vowels.

It doesn’t have repeat letters.

Only one letter is included in the five most frequent Wordle characters.

 When we refer to vowels, we mean A E I O U. Depending on their use, other letters may also be considered vowels.

These clues should give you some idea of how to find today’s Wordle Answer. You can skip down to see a more detailed clue or continue reading if that’s not what you need.

Let’s not forget the last hint. Wordle today is complicated.


So what’s today’s Wordle answer for #471?

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Drum roll, please, it’s TING.

Gather Wordless to hear a story of near failure and learn lessons if your goal is to avoid the same fate. Wordle #471 was not a complete success, but it was something I did manage to get.

My first mistake? I didn’t choose to use the best Wordle starting words recommended by my more experienced colleagues. I chose TRICE. It would have been great yesterday, but it was not quite right for today’s Wordle.

WordleBot says that this was a good result, with 47 possible solutions. But, if Marc McLaren had chosen STARE as his favorite, it would have left me with 27 options. SAINT would have kept it to just eight.

I decided to bring in the A’ in case of another vowel. I wanted to leave the correctly positioned ‘I” as it was, so I chose WAIST. It revealed that the correctly positioned ‘I,” ‘S,’ and’ T were correct but in the wrong place.

In a moment, I felt double-letter desperation. I thought of “SPITS.” I was relieved that one of the letters, ‘ Ss,’ was now green. This was a positive step in the elimination process.

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Now, I knew the initial three letters were STI which narrows the issue — WordleBot claims only four possible solutions are starting from this position. Do you know what I mean? STIMY. STINK. STILL.

It was not STIMY or STINK. It was STILL. Fortunately, the correct N on the latter was eliminated STILL. I had a successful Wordle without any more goes.

Close call! Kelly Woo will be your safer friend for tomorrow’s Wordle.

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